_________Coming Up we are playing at ____________

__________"Nate's Garden Grill "________________

___located at 3120 Euclid Avenue, San Diego 92105___

____Oct 13th, Nov 17th and Dec 15th 6-8pm____

For more information go to www.reverbnation.com/gregallsup


News Flash






The Fry Katz is a collection of longtime nomadic musicians

that have formed a new tribe hoping to sign a treaty with the world at large.



Originally formed, by singer/songwriter Greg Allsup, as T.O.M.B.,

Then Doggy Daddy and the Fry Katz almost releasing their first CD",

now emerging as the "Fry Katz" with a sound forged out of this new alliance,

utilizing the talents of all of these mad music-makers.

Todd McMahon the original drummer and Greg

are joined by Larry Jackson - Rhythm guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, songwriting

(formerly of the Good News Blues Band),

Leigh Taylor - Bass, guitar, vocals, songwriting

(formerly of the  Moon Cookies, various other bands and most recently "The Watermark Tribe")

and Bill Coe has been joining us whenever possible on keys (more about Bill later).


More recently we discovered the talents of Jon Yenter,

who has graciously accepted our invitation to play drums and percussion.

We are definitely moving toward a more collaborative musical group

and it remains to be seen what will happen as we prepare to record an album

to be released in December 2014.


Literally hundreds of years of talent and experience loaded into this multi-genre, multi-cultural Band. Expect great things!


October, 2012, DD and FKs went on Holiday Hiatus, apparently never to return.  A few months ago, say around June, 2013, Larry Jackson happened.  Larry moved back to San Diego and was looking for someone to jam with.  A mutual friend, Ken Jones(no relation to Casey) . . . .